Saturday, April 12, 2008

German Night!- Sour Cream Apple Crumb Kutchen

Every month or so, we've been getting together with some friends to bring a wee bit of culture to our little town. Thus far, we have had an Exotic food night, an Irish food night, and the latest was.............

I know you're asking your computer screen, "WHAT WAS IT???" Well, I WILL ASK THE QUESTIONS because it was German night! Have you ever tried canned halibut in tomato sauce? Well, as we discovered, there's a good reason for this. Who knew that Germans enjoyed specialties other than the typical Bratwurst and Saurkraut? As it turns out, Deutsche cuisine offers a well-rounded smattering of delights ranging from fried, dark and heavy to...heavy, dark, and fried. From Wienersnitzel (fried pork) to fried potato pancakes, we had it all. We're getting pretty good at being authentic, too!

I made a particularly tasty dish called Sour Cream Apple Crumb Kutchen. Yeah, it sounds pretty nasty but it was really good ( much to my relief). The recipe is here:

I have no clue what it's original source might be but it came up in "german cake recipes" and it looked like I could make it without becoming a pastry chef.

Let me just say, this was the most intensive cake I have ever made (also, like the third of which didn't originate in a box). I dirtied every dish in the house! Also, I thought all cake batter was poured into a pan. NO! This batter was spread with some difficulty and the end product weighed about 10 pounds. I think it would make a good breakfast cake. Very pure, dense, moist, apple-y, and not at all artificially sweet tasting. Sorry, no pictures of it because I was too busy engaging in other german customs... ( i.e. a shot of jagermeister with a lemon slice half covered in coffee and half covered in sugar). Has anyone ever heard of this? Crazy.