Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Word

Once upon a time, I was was way into scrapbooking. Well, more accurately, I was really into buying scrapbook supplies. Anyway, through this process, I became a  follower of the  "one little word" challenge known to the scrapbook community. I liked the idea of having a simple guide to help me remember what's important and be able to document my life accordingly. It soon became evident that the one little word challenge was deeper than a page layout. Thus, Aubrey and I started picking a word every year. For example, our year of "Experience" led us to sacrifice buying home comforts and we saved up like crazy to take a European adventure. Our year of "Be" led us to figure out what makes us tick and brings us peace so we literally moved to a new town. For 2011, we have chosen the word "story." We aren't exactly sure what this means yet... or, more specifically, how this will manifest itself. It's a pretty powerful concept to me. Also, it's compelling because there is no clear direction. What will the story be? I don't know but I want to be presently aware of the actions I take and the contributions I make that develop my own narrative. To me, it's the opposite of "summary." A story is something I've consciously contributed to as both a participant and an observer. Maybe I'll have a story of the year I finally learned how to make baguettes. The story doesn't start if I don't get up and grab some flour. Maybe it's something bigger than perfect crust. I don't know. I'm looking forward to where our word and our story will take us this year.

Now, with all that said, we got a jump start on adding to our personal narrative. We pretty much recruited a buddy, hopped in a car, and celebrated the new year New Orleans style. Stories about that are to come...(yeah, this is a food blog, so expect a bunch about food.)

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soonerchick said...

Love the "one word" thing! I am doing that myself this year and my word is FEARLESS. Can't wait to hear your "story"! :)